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We are all given one chance at life, I choose to LIVE IT! Living an OVERLANDING LIFE, exploring and sharing my African backyard, and other unique & special places in words, video and photos.

About Kangela

Kangela: "to look at with curious eyes" 

I'm Chris, (Kangela Chris), living each day as though it's my last, because someday it will be. Discovering new places and experiences & sharing them in words, images and video.

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Project 60460

To mark 60 years on the only planet that we have, I’m embarked on an overland adventure through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Rwanda. Stopping at 60 unique places, and sharing the adventure in video & photos. But, it’s not only about the...

Africamps Stanford Hills

Glamping With Africamps

Overlanding With Africamps If you haven’t heard the word “glamping” yet, be prepared to hear it a lot more often in the future, because it’s the latest thing when it comes to camping and overland experiences. This is overlanding in style, and Africamps are the folks who brought the...

Narrowboat Life

Narrowboat Living

UK Narrowboat Living For 4 months in 2020 we spent an idyllic time cruising a small part of the 3500 km of the English canals. Living the narrowboat life is a slow one, best enjoyed at a maximum of 4 miles per hour, and the summer of 2020 will always occupy a very special place in my life...

Kruger Park Giraffes

Kruger National Park

Overland to The Kruger Park We hadn’t been to the famed Kruger National Park, which was an intolerable state of affairs. Speaking to visitors from overseas, neighbours and friends, I always felt a bit like a fraud. To be writing about travels in Africa, and never having been to...