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Who Am I & Why Kangela?

KANGELA an African word, used widely in Southern and East Africa meaning: to search / look for / to seek

I’m Chris and I’m a Travel Junkie! Currently living the slow life on a narrow boat on the English canals, but prone to hit the road to somewhere else at any time, seeking new experiences and adventures. My passion is to travel, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have done my share of exploring the world, camera in hand. I’m a travel fanatic, photographer and occasional travel writer, with a particular weakness for Road Trips in the great open spaces of Africa, the cultural rices of Europe and the Tropical Islands of the Indian Ocean. But actually, I’m a fan of anywhere that I haven’t yet been, wherever that might be. 

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I’ve got an active and varied YouTube channel here: Kangela on YouTube. And I’m active on Instagram, connect with me here: Kangela on Instagram. Please do follow and subscribe so that you’ll be notified when we add a new video or photo. If you’ve got an interesting channel (which I’m sure you do), I’ll follow back, I get so much inspiration from seeing what other travel fanatics are up to.

So, What’s Different About Kangela?

There are any number of travel blog websites aimed at travellers on a tight budget. The Kangela travel brand is aimed at travel fanatics or who prefer to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and other delights of the world in a little more style and comfort. So, you won’t find much information on backpacker establishments or party venues, but rather a more “comfortable” range of experiences, establishments and travel products that would appeal to a traveller inclined towards a more luxury experience. That being said, my goal is to help travellers of all ages and all travel styles to enjoy their travels and, most importantly, to have fun.

Our Backyard
Early Years

I was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia back then) and after a spell working as a surveyor on the gold mines of the Witwatersrand, I moved to Cape Town in the 80’s where I met my beautiful Cape Town born wife and travel buddy Birgit, and started a family. In 1999 the internet became a focus and life steered in the direction of digital marketing. I sold my company in late 2013, giving me the privilege of being able to do what I love most pretty much full time; digital marketing through a specialist travel & tourism marketing agency Kangela Digital, photography, videography, writing and travelling. A lifestyle that’s hard to beat.

Travel Advice, Inspiration And Awesome Places 

Photography has been a lifelong passion, in fact, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera nearby. So please enjoy this visual journey, the amazing destinations we’ve visited, and the useful stuff uncovered in the process. We’ve been fortunate enough to come across some amazingly wonderful destinations, discovered some of the awesome places in the world, and, been incredibly inspired along the way. We hope that within this website, you might find something that will inspire your own journey of exploration.


Being obsessed with photography and videography, a Canon camera, GoPro, and more recently a Dji Drone, are seldom far from hand.

Working Together

I’m available for assignments and collaborations, with a large, growing and engaged following on this blog and on social media: 20k+ on Instagram, 5k+ on Facebook and a growing YouTube channel (now exceeding 100k video views). And, through my travel marketing agency, Kangela Digital, I can help boost the profile of selected travel and tourism businesses. I never buy social media followers, they are all, as far as is within my control, real people with a real interest in what I have to share.

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