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Are You A Travel Junkie?

Good question that!

Years ago, when I was living in a squat in the East End of London (we got away with stuff like that back in the 70’s), we had a friend, and while he was reasonably well travelled, his old mum was far from it. That lovely lady had lived her entire life in the London suburb of Bow, and had never left. Not even to visit the West End. I guess you could say that she wasn’t a travel junkie then!

But, if you are spending more time updating your bucket list (you do have one don’t you?) than working – you know, that thing you do to pay for your travels. If you know exactly what it costs to fly from your nearest airport to any one of those destinations and are constantly talking about travel to your friends and family, boring them even, chances are you make the cut.

Travel Research
Travel Research

I’m certain that I’ve left out many signs in the list that follows, but if you have a good one, drop me a comment at the end of this post and I’ll add it in. So, without further ado, the sure signs that you are A Travel Junkie.

1). You know that you are never too old to travel and will continue it to the very end, no matter what the kids or other folks back home try to tell you.

2). You can pack in half an hour or less, in fact, you’re probably an expert on luggage and packing.

Packing to Travel
Packing Expert

3). You know that Google Maps and your mobile router are always a winner. In fact you’d never leave home without them. Here are a couple more can’t leave home without apps.

4). You simply cannot understand how anybody can be happy to stay in one place, home-bodies are a complete mystery to you.

5). You follow a  generally pretty healthy diet at home, but when you travel and are faced with delicious street food, designer restaurant dishes, luscious desserts and all of the alcohol you can drink, then all bets are off.

Romantic Beach Dinner
Romantic Beach Dinner

6). You’d never waste your time on a book or movie that doesn’t inspire your wanderlust, I mean, just why?

7). Travel and seeing new places is the only thing that excites you anymore. Nothing, but travel!

8). The time between trips seems longer, more dreary and harder to get through each time.

Flight Search

9). Your greatest collections, and the ones that you are proudest of consist of passport stamps, foreign currencies or foreign sim-cards.

10). Time is your biggest fear – because you just might not see every-place on your bucket list, and that’s just plain scary.

11). You have considered selling, or actually have sold, all of your belongings, including your house to travel the world.

Deadvlei Couple
New Places to Discover

12). Most people misunderstand you because they simply can’t relate to the insatiable wanderlust that consumes you.

13). Some people might think you’re running away, but it’s not that, it’s just that you’d rather wander the exotic and unknown than face the monotony and boringness of normal life.

14). You consider yourself a global citizen rather than of the country that appears on the cover of your passport.

Sundowners on The Beach

15). You’ve run out of pages in your passport – goes without saying.

16). You try really hard not to start every sentence with “When I was in…

17). You have more photos of palm trees, beaches, random buildings that looked good at the time, and desert landscapes (or someplace whose name you can’t remember) than you do of your friends and kids.

Sangu Over Water Villas
Sangu Over Water Villas

18). You check, Lonely Planet, the Travel Channel and SkyScanner more than you do Facebook.

19). Even though you regularly misplace your keys or mobile phone, you always know where to find your passport.

20). You spend more time sorting through your photo files than your bills.

Over To You

I’d love to hear your own signs that you are a travel junkie, hit me with your suggestions in the comments below and I’ll add them, this here is an evolving list.

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