Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is probably not reflective of the rest of Zimbabwe, but as one of the country’s bigger foreign currency earners it’s been pretty much left alone. So it’s a nice little town, things work, the shops are stocked up, & hotels and restaurants are all open for business as usual.[vc_single_image image=”3790″ img_size=”full” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center” eltd_css_animation=””]

A’Zambezi River Lodge

On a last minute whim during a particularly nasty August cold snap in Cape Town, plans were made, tickets booked and we were on our way. Our choice of accommodation was the Azambezi River Lodge, which proved to be an excellent decision, it’s a wonderful place, more than able to hold it’s own against similar hotels anywhere in the world. The hotel is right on the river’s edge, great food, festive pub and awesome swimming pool. I was privileged to wake up late one night and watch a hippo happily grazing away on the lawn in front of our room, only in Africa!

Victoria Falls

Naturally our first stop, like I’m sure it is for most visitors, was the falls themselves. So much has been written about them, whatever I say has all been said before, but they really are an awe inspiring sight, get there if you possibly can. It’s an easy walk, with plenty of photo opportunities, through the shady trees of the rain forest, kept green year round by the spray of the falls.[vc_single_image image=”3791″ img_size=”full” add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center” eltd_css_animation=””]

Stuff to Do

The hotel has an excellent activities desk with plenty to do, from laid back to adventure stuff like river rafting etc. We opted for a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, a steam train ride with champagne, enjoyed on the bridge over the gorge separating Zimbabwe and Zambia. Highlight though had to be a helicopter flip over the falls, what an awesome sight it is despite not having a huge amount of water going over when we visited, being the dry season, well worth the price if budget allows.

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